Free-time activities


What do you like doing in your free time? What are your favourite activities and hobbies? How much free time do you have?

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AmazingGoldfish7000's picture

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about my free time. I prefer listening to the music than going out. My favourite song is Another world by One Direction. I also like reading books and one of my favourite is Harry Potter from J.K.R. Then I love riding roler blades with my older sister and sometimes I play tennis. My hobby is designing clothes. I think it is very interesting and it needs creativity.

LadyPopDiamond's picture
  • in my free time i enjoy listening music : one direction .. black m ... indila ... lean on .. jhon legend "all of me " but my favorite band is : l.e.j - it's amùazing !!!!!!!!
LilacGirlPluto's picture

in free time, I like playing with my friend. I like to sleep all day. I have very much free time

LilacGirlPluto's picture

I'm doing play with teddy. I like play badminton. I have very much free time!

SilverSilverDiplodocus's picture

In my free time I play football and sometimes basketball. I like my free time because I love football and basketball my hobby is football.

YellowRapDolphin's picture

I like reading book, playning games, watching TV and i often painting. I LOVE READ BOOK. Please write me and take me questions.

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Hi YellowRapDolphin,
Thanks for telling us about your free-time activities! What kind of books do you like reading?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team 
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 I like reading and spending time with my friends. My favourite activities are playng basketball and listening to music. I have almost 4 hour a day free time. :) 

ProfessorFalconHockey's picture

Hi everybody ..
In my Leisure time.Iam playing ps3 online with my friends and my brother.
My favorite game is DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO and need for speed most wanted.

ProfessorFalconHockey's picture

In my Leisure Time.I am playing Football in the club with my frienda and cousins.

BrightEmerald80's picture

In my free time I like reading books, writing books, drawing, playing volleyball and playing whit Barbies and dolls. I also like talking whit my friends, studying Glagolitico (an ancient Croatian alphabet) and playing piano. I have so much free time for my beloved activities.


CheerfulWaterfallWolf's picture

My name is Nadya. I'm 10. I'm from Russia.
I like swimming, playing pioneerball, painting, shopping and playing the guitar.
I want a penfriend.
Please write to me.


BrightEmerald80's picture

 Hello Nadya, I'm a nine-year-old girl from Croatia and I'd like too to have a pen friend, but I don't know how to do. Bye.

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my name is felipe. I am 9 years.i live argentina.
I like football ,canoeing ,tennis ,drawing , writing , painting , swimming and jumping. 
I don't like rollerblading , playig hockey, playing basketball  and voleyball. 

what about you?


AgentDaisy6000's picture

 hello my name is juani                                                                                                                                                  in my free time i like spending time with friends ,painting, running,swimming,rollerblading and jumping.

CrazyEmerald8's picture

hello my name is Martina. In my free time i like spending time with friends ,i love rollerbladig ,i like playing with friends, i like swimming and dont like canoing ,horse riding ,playing bolleyboll  ,basketball or skateboarding

MissFlower800's picture

 hello!                                                                                                                                                                                               in my free time i like swimming,rollerblanding and voleyball,i love playing with my friends.i don't like basketball and canoeing. my best friend is nicole and my name is camila.

PrincessJewel300's picture

My name is vicky  I like rollerblading,swimming,drawing and painting. 

LadyTablaOpal's picture

In my free time I go out with my friends. We play voleyball or eat icecream . Sometimes I read books in my free time.
And I like drawing and painting!!

LadyBrownSnail's picture

My favourite hobbies are:
- playing handball
-walking my dog
-playing computer games (my favourite game is: Pou <3 )
- and reading the:  St Johanna high school <3
(It is about a girl's life in Budapest in Hungary )

These are my hobbies!

PrincessLilacApril's picture

I love to:
- Read
- Listen to music
- garden
- care for pets
- paint
- play soccer

CrazyRuby8000's picture

I like swimming but I don't like playing chess and football. MY favourite actıvıtıes readıng books and cyclıng.my favourıte food is pasta and cookies.Also actress beren saat.

KingTable-tennisFootball's picture

I am fond of playing football and riding bike. At home I like making Lego construction, watching TV, playing computer games. I have got the collection of Lego-toys. I have got free-time on Sundays.   

RockingOpal3000's picture

I play outside. I watch TV. I swim in my swimming pool. I cycle.

MissFlutePizza's picture

 I usually read my novels if I have free time. i don't like to watch TV 

MissMagicTower's picture

Hello everybody!
I want to tell you about my hobbies. One of them is reading. My parents have a big library, so I read many books. My favorite kind of books is fantastic. My  favorite writers  are Dyachenko. My favorite book is “EmpireV’’. It is about vampires. They are masters of the world:].
Also I like making hand-made juvellirus It is not difficult . I have a special book with instructions. And it is interesting- to wear something, what you made yourself.
Also I like playing billyard. I play in it with my parents on week-ends.
I like listening music. My favorite band is Rammstein. My favorite song is Reise reise .It is about sailors. Also I like bands Scorpions, Metallica, Ensy Ferum and many others.
Also I like playing computer games. My favorite game is Oblivion.  The game is very interesting and exiting. In it you must safe world Syrrondyl from the daedras .They come from the world called Oblivion.And there is many other quests. Citizens give its to players .Also, there is mods which give another quests.

OrangePuppyLake's picture

 I like doing in my free time:cycling,wacth TV,go for a walks  witch my best friends,swimming,skating and many intresting employment)!)))I like SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!I have got many free time in summer)))

BlueT-shirtTurtle's picture

 British Council!!! :)

AwesomeMetal9999's picture

Hi, I am Hristo and I am 13. I like climbing, swimming,cycling, playing soccer, playing chess and reading.My favourite book is NARNIA by C.S.Lewis. In my free time play with my friends and go to the mountains with my  Mom.

MissBaseballYoyo's picture

 in my free  time i dance balet .l like ballet .it's my hobby.i didn't have  a lot of free time because i need to do my homeworks ,to learn, i need to go in english school and in balet school.

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 my free time is opened british council site

JollyRed4's picture

my free times I usually improve my english at google translator and British council site

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In free time I play a pc and I play with my frend's

FlyingHandMercury's picture

 i like to draw,playing computer and wath tv 

DuchessCastleViolet's picture

I like to draw, to play with my friends, to watch movies, to read books with my mom... And every day I'm listening one of the song from your site! I love them very much!!!

PurpleTreePark's picture

My free time is a day in a week. It's week end day. I connecte with my friend in internet and chating with
and visits wep sites or I wll reading stories and waching TV.

RedHeartSandwich's picture

Sometimes i have free time . I sing songs or do somthing else.  I watch television. I like my free time. Somtimes when i get ill i dont have  free time. I do my free time the next day. Do ou like your free time or just studying? In my free time there are time rules. I have to finish my work at 8 o clock and start my free time. I mostly sing songs in my free time. Do you have  free time? Then i go to bed and read a story.   Reading a story is a part of my free time.   Not only when im ill,  even if my dad comes home i dont have  freetime. Do you like your free time?  What's your favourite activity in  your free time? I play with my friends in the evening.  Goodbye!

NewTimeWallaby's picture

Free time? I do a lot of activities during my free time.Some of them are sports. For example, cycling around the neighbourhood, playing badminton with my brother and jogging round the park. Sometimes, I go swimming. You see, I love reading. I usually read novels or storybooks. The book I like the most is " The Magic Faraway Tree" that is written by Enid Blyton from England. I love that story. Next, after reading or sports, I draw and paint. I like arts, especially watercolors and oil paintings. I love the arts of the oil paintings artists. It is very beautiful. Lastly, just take a rest...

JumpingPopRaccoon's picture

hello!how are you?

OldCoyoteYoyo's picture

My name is Ika.My favourite activities are cycling,paying badminton,swimming, singing and dancing.I have free time after class qiraati at 6 o'clock every day.I spent my free time with cycling to  my my friend house  at Taman Sri Mutira 2.After cycling I play football with my neighbour , Nabil.He is very fat because He eat a lot  every time.

WhitePianoHawk's picture

In my free time I like to draw. And my favourite activities are cycling, writing stories, collecting figurines from the beach. I have a lot of free time after I do homework and studying. Sometimes I like daydreaming.

GoldAthleteToday's picture

In my free time I skateboard, play football and jump on the trampoline. I have a lot of free time.my favorite hobby is football.