Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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PurpleCyclingSunshine's picture

i'm Alfred and Albania flag has  two colours.they are red and black.

SparklingAmulet200's picture

Our Slovak flag is red, white and blue. It have white cross, on blue hill and red background

MissNecklaceTopaz's picture

1. red
2. white
3. 2 grean stars at the middle of the white color .
4.black (down not up)

FriendlyJellySitar's picture

 red with pink strip

PrincessMermaidElk's picture

i like the slouth africaen flag because it is easy to remeber
it is

  • black
  • white
  • yellow
  • red
  • blue
  • green                                

and is very easy to draw

QueenDeerFish's picture

 u.s.a  flag is:


CaptainClickQuartz's picture

Russian flag is:


white is symbol of clearest russian soul
blue is symbol of sky
red is symbol of our blood

MasterFootballMedal's picture

I' from Azerbaijan. My flag is blue, red and green, and there is a half moon and an eight-pointed star on it.

GreyRockPolo's picture

I'm from Denmark.  my flag is red and white and i'm dog

PrincessTrumpet300's picture

hey guyz i am from uae our flag colors is

  • red
  • green
  • white and black.
MisterPixelPotion's picture

Hello, my name is Tobi !

My flag colour is red and white. I'm Polish

PrincessPurpleSurfing's picture

Hello there, I'm from Pakistan.My flag has two colors, 1:Green(shows Muslims population) 2:White(shows population of minorities living here).It has got a crescent with a star.

KingFox10's picture

Hello my name is MATEUSZ.Color of the flag of my country or Polish:                                                               

  • white
  • red
CrazyPlatinum2000's picture

I'm from Montenegro. Our falg is red. It hvae golden eagle in the middle. I like the flag because It's red. My favourite colour is red. And it looks good, but my favourite flag is Great Britain flag. It look soooo cool!!

AmusedPlatinum300's picture

My name is Teodora and I`m ten years old.I am from Romania and our flag is red,yellow and blue.It is rectangular.I would like an orange and red flag.I would like a star shape flag.
What do you think?

PinkTaxiTown's picture

I Love MY Country! Pakistan it's flag colour is White and Green.

MasterPoppy300's picture

I am from Croatia and Croatian flag goes like this:

  • red,
  • white,
  • blue,

and it have a several of little ''pictures''.

CrazyRuby40's picture

hello i am alyssa/crazyruby40!!!!!!!

KingTeamTeam's picture

Hi! My favourite flag is the spain´s flag. I like  because I like the spain and and I am sure the colors red and yellow together is nice as the Spanish flag.

CrazyRuby40's picture

hello I am Alyssa 
Flags are very important for a country it makes the country get its own power.
bye for now!

KingTeamTeam's picture

I am from sweden and my flag country have a blue bakground with a yellow plus on it.

CrazyRuby40's picture

 HEY!!!!!       I think  that you had to wright my country flag instead of what you have written, KingTeamTeam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from alyssa!

LadyXylophoneOrchid's picture

hi i am from uk aka  usa and my flag is red white and blue

CrazyRuby40's picture

My cousin stays in U.S.A.

DukeSkatingMaracas's picture

 Hello, I'm from Vietnam. My flag country colour has the background is red and it has a gold star in the middle too.

LordRaceSport's picture

Hi, I'm Martin. I live in Madrid, Spain. Spain´s flag is red, yellow and red. We  are the Eurocup football champions!

PrincessPixiePea's picture

Congratulations LordRaceSport on winning the cup!

Princess Pixie Pea
LearnEnglish Kids team

AgentGold100's picture

My name is Ahmad Nadeem.I am pakistani.Our flag colour is
with moon and star the symbol of peace.

GoodbyeAmuletPelican's picture

hello i am andrea from albania...my country's flag is very special..it has two colours: black and red... in the middle is an eagle the simbolise the freedom and the proud of albanians....

SteepBlackGymnast's picture

YES thats so true, i love albania! it has wonderfull rural areas and fantastic people who can all be your friends!

ahhh......... yes thats the life :)

WhiteSeaViolin's picture

I am Valentina again. The colours of the Argentine flag are sky blue, white and sky blue. On June 20th (yesterday) was the flag´s day. I swore the flag!!! I am happy!!! I have got a Diploma, and a certificate of THE BEST PUPIL!!!

WalkingSunshineOrangutan's picture

my name is abdirashid and i'm from somalia i love my country because it is special it has sky and star 
it is like blue and what................... sky ...................star..................do you get me what am taking about............i said it is special ..................... every single country has special flag
thank you for taking time to read my comment

RedRobin70's picture

I am Ridy. I am from Bangladesh. The colors of the national flag of our country are red and green.

JewelBubbleRadar's picture

I am from Afghanistan. Afghanistan's flag has three colours. They are black, red and green.  I like our flag.

BronzeBadmintonRock's picture

I am from Russia . Russia's flag is tricolour. They are white, blue and red. I like our flag.

DukeTeamDinosaur's picture

My country's flag has only two colour. They are red and yellow. Red is blood of the soldiers had fight for our country. And yellow is a star, a golden star on the red blood is the meaning of our country's flag.

WalkingSunshineOrangutan's picture

me too
my country flag has only blue and star

PrincessBeachRose's picture

Im  from  The  Basque  Country  my flag is read, white and  green. It´s like theflag of the United Kingdom,But with different colours.

YellowLilyAlways's picture

hello DoctorDigitalGalaxy, i am from Ukraine, too! Our flag is blue and yellow) 

DJMusicRugby's picture

I'm Tjaša and I come Slovenia.
Our flag is white, blue and red. In the midlle, there is a coat of arms. It has got our highest mountain Triglav, three stars and river.

KingWooden500's picture

Oh..I love Korea(South)...But there isn't flag at the real top...

GoldStreetSitar's picture

Hello! My name is Sridevi It is an Indian name. My flag is green,white and orange coloured.My flag is the Indian Flag.

Smooth900's picture

Hello my name is Hasnain Ahmed and I am from Pakistan and my country's flag color is: 
1 white 
2 green
         I love Pakistan.

AgentRunningMotorbike's picture

I'm from pakistan

CreamGirlArtist's picture

Hello My name is Bora 
I love my flag.(TURKISH FLAG)
Because  every country has special flag.....

TropicalPlastic2's picture

I'm from Brazil 

RedMonsterViolin's picture

HELLO!!My name is Julio
The colors off my flag is:

PurpleFridayIguanodon's picture

 I am from bahrain I think on my country flag
it is red and white in colour
on the middle their are 5 triangle 
yes because it is the flag of my country

DJAntennaTree's picture

My name is Serxho.I am from ALBANIA. My flag is red and black.

PrincessBabyPyramid's picture

my name is hajer.i'm from Egypt
colors of my flag
- red
-There in the middle of the color yellow falcon
Good bye