Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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Hi! I'm from Turkey. My flag's colours are red and white. I love my country but my favourite country is Denmark.

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outside is red and the star is yellow

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My favourite flag is the italian flag because red, white and green are my favourite colours and that is flag is fantastic

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 My favourite flag is the flag of Brazil,because it have the World in its centre.

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My flag imaginary is yellow and purple with twenty two stars white and green , and a G, red, in the centre.I love my imaginary flag and i would is real.it would be fantastic

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My flag is black with one N and one S in the centre of 20 stars.
I like this flag because is the flag of my imaginary pepoles

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I live in Spain and the flag of my country is red and yellow and is divide into three parts: the first and third are red and the second (in the centre) is yellow.And I like it because is beautiful

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  • It is the Spain flag
  • It is red and yellow.
  • It is rectangle.
  • I only like it because it has the color yellow, but i will like it more pink and purple.  

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 1. What colour is it? 
It's white, blue and red.
2.What shapes does it have?
There are no shapes on it.
3.Do you like the flag?
Yes, I do.
4.Why or why not?
Because white, blue and red are my favorite colours. And the flag is very beautiful.

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 i live in france  are flag is blue white and red

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 i live in france  are flag is blue white and red

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i am from greece 
are flag is white and blue

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i live in the uk and are flag is red white and blue

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 blue white red

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Hi, I'm form Montenegro. This flag is red, it has egale with two heads. In the centar has golden egale with shield on blue base. I like it. It gives some kind of power to his people and I like it becasue it looks like it's simple. :-)

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I love my Country too! Spain it's flag with two red and yellow

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hi i'm from INDIA but staying in mauritius . the mauritiun flag is red , blue , yellow and green . I feel i'ts paradise here.

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hi I am Begüm. I am from Turkey.Turkish flag is;red and White.I am crazy about Turkish flag. goodbye

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I am from Montenegro and my fkad colour is:gold,red,green,blue. And we have a gold eagle with lion on sheild.

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Hello,I am Beatriz..I live in england,the colers of the flag is:

I was born in Brazil the coiers of the flag is:

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 i am from Bulgaria it is the best country ever plus at Christmas there is 5 meters snow.

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hello. I am from Georgia colors of my flag is red end white

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i am From Pakistan and my Favorit  Sport is CRicket

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i am from Pakistan and my country flag colour are below:
white, green . i like the flag of my country , It shows peace . Flag always represent and tell us about a country's nation and about their culture . I love my country because our for father got it with very hard effort. A lots people devoted for it. But unfortunately nowadays there are a lots problems. Most of kids are not getting or going school.
I want to see the flag of my country on top. I love it .

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 hello i m from India our flag colour is Orange WHITE GREEN circle Blue.

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I'm from Greece!!!
Our flag is white and blue, but it's difficult to describe.
( NOTE: It's the flag under the Union Jack in the picture on top of this page)

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my country is syria 
(and verry bad things are happining there ;-c)

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i am from the netherlands

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Hello my name is Clarence. I am from Nigeria. My country's colour is : green, white, green. The shape is rectangle. I like the colours. 
I live in Italy. The colour of the flag is: green, white, red. The shape is rectangle. I like Italy because they have strong footballers.

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Hello - we are from New Zealand. Our Flag has the Union Jack in the top left hand corner because we were part of the British Empire. We have 4 red stars with a white border that resemble our special constellation called the Southern Cross. The Southern Cross helps our journeymen on their travels to find their way. Our flag has a blue background which represents that New Zealand is an island surrounded by water. We love our flag because it helps to tell our history and where we are in the world.

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 The American flag has a detail design. It has a shape of a rectangle. There is a small rectangle in the upper left corner of the flag. That small rectangle has a blue color with 50 white stars in it. The flag has 13 red and white cross lines. I like the American flag because it belongs to where I was born and belongs to a country with high technologies.

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Hello! my name is Clarence. Me too I like the American flag.

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Hello,i'm Yen and i'm from Vietnam.Our flag is red,in the middle,there is a beautiful,yellow star...How lovely is Vietnam's flag is,...right ?!...

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hello! I'm from Chili.  My flag is blue, red and white whit a big star 

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 hi , i am turkish and i like our flag. it's red and white. there are  white crescent and a white star. i love my country!

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Hello! My country's Pakistan. It's flag is green and white but I like the union jack (uk flag). It's white, blue and red, all my favourite colours!

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hi, im from colombia/bogota  its flag are yellow , blue and red i like that and i like too the flag of united states because i live in that country the  flag of the united states is blue, red and  white with 52 stars

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I'm from Hong Kong. We have 2 flags, one is in red and yellow, another in red and white.

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 Hi, i am from Paris (France).My flag is blue, white and red. My favorite flag is the flag of the U.K. Good bye !!   :D

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Hello! I am from Viet Nam. Our flag is red with a yellow star on the middle. It's beautiful, too.

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Hello! I am Amina.I'm from Azerbaijan.My flag has red, blue and green colors and the moon-stars.

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Hello!  i am lily. i am from USA my  flag has red,  white  and blue  and the eagle

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 My name is Julia.
I'm from Albania.It has a flag with a big black eagle in a red field.
I like verymuch my flag.

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hello! my name is juan. I am from Argentina, my flag is Blue and White. it has a Big sun!!!!!!

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HELLO, my name is dodo, I am from Egypt, My flag is red, white, black .

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jennifer am from Ecuador my flag is 3 colors are yellow, blue and red

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 hello my name is Carol I'm from China My  flag is yellow and red

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hello my name is bean. i am from sweden colors of my flag is blue and yellow.

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I   love the  swedish flagg    because  it  is   blue   and   yellow  it  is  very  find.

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  • I love the flag of AUSTRAILIA...........:) its colour is white,red and blue........:)