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Favourite drinks


What's your favourite drink? Do you prefer fruit juice or fizzy drinks? How many glasses of water or milk do you drink every day? Are you feeling thirsty now? 



AlwaysButtercupBird's picture

My favourite drink is india Mango juice or you can call this drink Lassi . I drink eight glasses of water per day.and three glasses of milk per day too. I think i should close this page faster than i could because I AM THIRSTY !!!!!!!

MissWizardHorse's picture

My favourite drink is orange juice.

StarryDiamond8's picture

My favourite drink is Mango juice and cola.

ProfessorVenusJewel's picture

I like guava juice. I prefer fruit juice. I drink 8 glasses of water and 1 glass of milk yes I feel thirsty now

CleverAluminium9's picture

l like mango

MasterSilver500's picture

i like apple juice,too,DJGhost9000

DJGhost9000's picture

Hey Guys!
I wanted to tell you that my favourite drink is apple juice and It will always be the same drink.
Hope you love apple juice too!

VioletPixieSnow's picture

  •  My favorite drinks is water, apple juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, and some more. It's juicy!
  • I do prefer fruit juice more. Fizzy drinks is not good for our health.
  • Very much! I love fresh water, so I can drink 1 bottle of water every day.
  • Yes, because I ALWAYS thirsty. Time for fight with the hot!
CaptainCousinFish's picture

  • My favourite drinks are Orange Trina (it´s like Fanta without bubbles), water, chocolate milk, orange juice, and chocolate and vanilla milkshakes.
  • I prefer fruit juice to fizzy drinks, because I don´t like bubbles. They burn my tongue.
  • I drink one glass of milk and maybe ten glasses of water every day. I´m a thirsty person.
  • Yes, I am feeling thirsty now.
QueenDrumSaxophone's picture

My Favorite Juice Is Orange Juice It Is Very Yummy