Favourite drinks


What's your favourite drink? Do you prefer fruit juice or fizzy drinks? How many glasses of water or milk do you drink every day? Are you feeling thirsty now? 

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My favourite drink is orange juice.

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My favourite drink is Mango juice and cola.

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I like guava juice. I prefer fruit juice. I drink 8 glasses of water and 1 glass of milk yes I feel thirsty now

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l like mango

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i like apple juice,too,DJGhost9000

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Hey Guys!
I wanted to tell you that my favourite drink is apple juice and It will always be the same drink.
Hope you love apple juice too!

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  •  My favorite drinks is water, apple juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, and some more. It's juicy!
  • I do prefer fruit juice more. Fizzy drinks is not good for our health.
  • Very much! I love fresh water, so I can drink 1 bottle of water every day.
  • Yes, because I ALWAYS thirsty. Time for fight with the hot!
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  • My favourite drinks are Orange Trina (it´s like Fanta without bubbles), water, chocolate milk, orange juice, and chocolate and vanilla milkshakes.
  • I prefer fruit juice to fizzy drinks, because I don´t like bubbles. They burn my tongue.
  • I drink one glass of milk and maybe ten glasses of water every day. I´m a thirsty person.
  • Yes, I am feeling thirsty now.
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My Favorite Juice Is Orange Juice It Is Very Yummy

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tsai (tea),frappe,anapsihtika(soft drink),nero(water)

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  1.  I like blueberry juice and orange juice.
  2. I prefer fruit juice.
  3. I drink water when I'm thirsty, and I drink milk twice a day. In the morning and before going in bed.
  4. Yes, I'm feeling thirsty. I'm going to get some glass of water. :D
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l like lemon juice . l prefer fruit juice .l drink five glasses of water every day . Yes , l am .

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I sure like water! And yes, I could do with some water now!

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I drink ice tea. I also like shakes- banana and strawberry shakes rocks!

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i love green tea,soda,pineapple soda,strawberry milk shack,strawberry milk

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I like coffee and Tea

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My favorite drinks are apple juice and Fanta.I also like Ice Tea and Coca-Cola,but I don't like to drink water very much.For that reason I only drink 3 or 4 cups a day.

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 i love tea  soda ornge jouce  and pineapple jouice kool aid

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My favourite drink is Apple Juice :)

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My favorite drink is green tea, too! ^_^Olya

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my favorite drink is orange juice and apple juice and i also love to drink milk and water.And i drink strawberry also love purple berries wiht grapes.

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I like Schweppes citrus fruit

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My favorite  drinks are apple juice,cherry and My favorite dranks are cola,coffee,and feazy drink....

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 I like strawberry milkshake, juice and coca cola. I dont like watermelon shakes. 

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my favorite drink is apple juice!

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i like coca cola,pepsi,choclate milkshake and apple juice..:)

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my favourite drink is cocacola but I mustn't drink this it isn't healthy :(

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Hey my favorate
drinks are
1. soda
2. cocacola

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My Favourite Drinks :

  • Mineral water.
  • Lo Han Kuo drink.  
  • Strawberry milkshake. 
  • Sweet tea.
  • Orange juice. 

Drinks I Don't Like :

  • All kinds of fizzy drink.
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i like cola and cocoa

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I like Orange and cola

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my favourite drink is  orange juice and i like chocolate milk.

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my favorit drink is:

  • strawberry shake
  • lemonde drink
  • cacoa drink
  • water
  • milk
  • juice
  • apple juice

my not favorit drink:

  • banana shake
  • cocos drink
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 I like guava juice, orange juice, strawberry juice, lemonade, cacao, and milk. I usually drink milk with chocolate powder. And sometimes I make for me lemonade, all what I need are:

  • 1-3 sugar (by spoons)
  • water
  • Lemon
  • Knife
  • A 1/8l cup (I'm not sure)

Step 1: First get your cup, then put water. 
Step 2: Put sugar and try to mix it as can be.
Step 3: Get a knife and a lemon, then cut the lemon into two pieces.
Step 4: Put lemon in the water and mix it.
Step 5: Drink your own lemonade and have fun!

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 I have got a lot of my favorite drinks, like milk smoothie, almost all types of juices and I adore coffee :D :)

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I like apple juice. I can drink 5 glasses.

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My favourite drinks a cok, ENERGY DRINKS,ORANGE BANANA juice,water

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My favorite drinks are sprite, mango juice and English black tea))

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 My favoret drink is pepsi and 7up.

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I like apple juice and mango juice. It's delicious and healthy. I like to drink milk too, every morning. But my favorite one was water. I always drink water every morning, every night, and when it's school time.

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 Me likes green tea! :)

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My favourite drink is orange juice and hot chocolate. YAMMY!!!!.

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I prefer fruit juice as it's much healthier. One of my fave drinks is orange and carrot! THey are very healthy AND tasty! I drink about 2 litres of water every day, it is very important for your body. Did you know humans need water to live? We wouldn't survive without water! I drink 2 glasses of milk. One in the morning and one warm one in the evening so I can have a nice sleep.
Love from Veronica.

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My favourit drink is strawberry juice.Everyday i drink one glass of milk , but i can't count glasses of water , maybe it can be 15-20 glasses.

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My favorite drinks are İce Tea,Sprite and Fruit Juice:))
I drink 1 or 2 glasses of milk every day:))
I'm not thırsty now!!!

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 Hi! my name is Cansel. I  live in turkey. My favourite drinks are apple juice and pomegranate juice.