What is your favourite day? Read about some favourite days and post a comment below to tell us about your favourite day.

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i like all birthdays and eids

i like my birthday and new year.

My favorite day is my brother;s birthday .

my favourite day's are my birthday and new year

I love all days

My favorite day is the 6th of April because it’s my birthday or October the 31st because it’s my best friend’s birthday. Sometimes we play together on his birthday.

My favourite day Friday because the last day at school and then days off, This day I with friends we gather all and we play games, this day sometimes there is good weather Always I am happy when Friday

my favourite day is my birthday, saturday and sunday

my favorite day is yalda night.in iran we celebrate this day with lots of yummy food.and we stay awake until morning.

my favorite day is Sunday and Friday because those days school reopening day and Friday and Saturday is family day and most favorite day is 25th of September it is my birth day