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What's your favourite colour? Colours can sometimes have special meanings. Red can sometimes make us feel angry, yellow can make us feel happy and blue can make us feel sad. Do colours have a special meaning in your culture?

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i like the colour orange because its good looking :D

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 My favorite colour are:
1.Purple is magic
2.Blue is sad
3.Red is angry
4.Green is happy!:

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Hello, I`m a Finnish girl.
In Finland black is sad colour and red is christmast colour.
In Finnish black is musta and red is punainen.
My farorite colours is:

  • Pink
  • Neon pink
  • Neon light blue

Thanks for reading! :D

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I like all colours but especially green. I love nature and green represents ( for me) nature, adventure and peace. I love green!

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My favorite color is yellow.It always makes me feel happy and energetic.By the way,the food that looks yellow is the banana.And the sun is also yellow .It can give me energy,too.

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My favourite colour is Red.

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my favourite colour is pink, purple, light blue,green and white
these colours mean a lot for me that's why i like these colours

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my favoroute colors is blue and purple

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My favourite colour is blue .I like purple and green but I hate orange and black.

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I have 3 favorite coloures: Red, pink and purple. But my most favorite one is purple.

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  • My favourite colours are pink and purple.
  • Yes, I only know that red means love.
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I like pink and purple.

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i love to use blue and red,but i dont love to use black

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I use black blue and pink colors but I don't like and don't use red color.

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I think all colors are nice but I very very very like BLACK and BLUE

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 My favourite colour is blue because I like the sea.

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 My favourite colour is orange, beacause this colour very happy.  )

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Green is my favorite color

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My favourite colour is blue. For me this colour will have eaning being free. Also I think that in my culture coulurs have their own meanings. :-)

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my favourite colour is BLUE

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My favourite coulour is Orange!!!

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My Favourite colour is PURPLE.

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I like red

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I like all colours but my favourite colour is yellow.

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Green is my favourate colour. (Color(for U.S.A)It is the colour of  nature.

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  •  Red means Lucky
  • Green means adventurous 
  • Blue means shy
  • Pink means bubbly
  • Purple means fashionable
  • Orange is Fresh new beginning to a new start
  • yellow means brightness of the sun
  • Black means the scary nightmare
  • White means blank forgotten (always forgetting the things you have.)
  • Rainbow means the true Magic

You think what you want the colour to mean.

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 You´re right. I like green very much and I love adventures. I think you´re smart

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How do you know all the meaning of all these colours?

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ı like (!!!!!! rainnbow colorsssssss !!!!!) :)

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Hi, PurpleMusic20! Can you be my friend? Please,write answer.

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 Hi  YellowRabbitBird can  you  be  my  friend    please.

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 my favourite color is orange

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i like pink

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ı like all colors like this:)  

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I like cold colors ( and also yellow, but really light yellow! )

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my favorite color is pirple and yellow.I hate red color

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my favourite colours are white and purple. i also like wearing blue clothes 

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My name is Manjishtha.My favourite colours are pink,reda and yellow.

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 my  favourite colour is

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 I like red because its the lucky color
I like pink to because i love go shopping and make up

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My favourite colour are yellow ....blue....coral...gold!

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 My favourite colors are:

  • Blue makes me feel very happy.
  • Red means for me something important.
  • Green means for me nature.
  • Yellow is the sun light.
  • Purple is shadow.

¡ I love the colors!

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My favorite colour is green. Green is a colour of health and it is the colour of the enviroment.
Wearing a green out fit will make you happy and it will be the colour that can reflect your emotions. It even gives yo tons of fresh ideas.
Seeing green colour will calm you down if you're angry. It helps you with your homeworks and it helps to blend in answers with yours.

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i completely agree with you, some refer to green as a boys colour but i think that it is for all. it may be cinsidered as the colour of evil (for e.g. green goblins, green witches etc) but it is also the colour of nature and along with the colour white means PEACE. i love the colour green as it reminds of all different types of festive seasons (for e.g. GREEN CHRISTMAS tree, ramadan and eid as GREEN is the colour for Islam, GREEN CLOVER day -sometimes referred to as LUCKY DAY) there you go guys!

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My favourite colour are pink,  yellow, green, orange, purple, bottle green, dark blue and white.

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My favourite colour is green.
I like turquoise and orange.