Do you like fast food? How often do you eat fast food? What's your favourite type of fast food?

Your Turn: Fast Food
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It not good

my favourite fast food is chicken burger and nuggets

its not healthy but i like it

I don't eat fast food because it's not healthy.

I like fast food, but i don't often eat it because it's unhealthy. My favourite fast food is cheeseburger and nuggets.

I don't like fast food. It is usually too fat. I'd rather eat something healthier.

i love fast food very much and my favorite fast food is:hamburger,pizza and sandwich.

i like fast favorite fast food is fried chicken.

i eat fast foods once a week because mom doesn't like me eating too much of them because they aren't healthy my favorite is pizza and sandwiches.

i don't like fast food , because it makes me sick.
i hate McDonald's,. and Burger King.