Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do? What's your favourite part of the Easter holiday? If not, what do you know about this holiday?

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In Viet Nam, we don't celebrate Easter!

My name is Albina. I live in Russia. I love Easter. I love Easter for what we are going to be with my family all together. We have our friends. This is my favourite holiday.

I love Easter!

Very boring. I don't know how to do this exercise???

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?????? how do you do this?????

is ok...

Easter is my favorite day of one year ,I like it very much. That day I can play "Finding Eggs", if I find it I can eat it my self.I like Easter very much!

Hi, I am Speranza but this easter 2016 I am in Argentina.
I love easter but especialy for all the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm celebrate easter, my favourite part on the easter celebrating is the EASTER EGGS!!!