What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

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My favourite clothes is a cardigan. My mother does. I get new clothes every month. I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

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 1. today i am wearing a frock . 2 . now i am wearing a pink frock with sky blue and violet flowers 3 . usually I  choose my cloths . 4 . i get new cloths at -- Eid , New year Day , Pohela Boishakh etc .

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Hello, I`m Finnish girl. I am wering yellow jeans, a white, blue, yellow and green flover top and white, grey stripe socks. I choose my clothes. I dont really know how often i got new clothes, maybe every month, i gues.:)

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I wear the dress that matches my mood...

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 Today I'm wearing a pink floral short, a T-Shirt with roses at the bottom of the shirt and a scandal. I always choose my clothes my self.

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My favourite cloths is.. short jeans! :)

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 Hi every one in disscussion block,
my dear borhters and sisters

 Mostly i like to wear white siimple dress in as mostly Pakistani people wear. But today my mom gave peacpuff colour. Here is weather is going to be hot and all people like to be wear cotton white shuit and avoid to wear jeans and wollen suit. I like white colour because in hot wearther its save from hot weather and  its eye cathing colour. And most imoprtant behind to wear white colour is attracting other people.

Most of time my mum choose the suits for me because she is expert to select the good clothes. But i need jeans and shirt then i choose myself. Becuase its not our national suit. And i wear scandal and sleepers for out when i go for running and walk . I often buy and get on special oceans like wedding and festival. 

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hi im Kelly, today I wear blue shirt and white skirt

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 Today , I am wearing a red t- shirt, jeans and white shoes

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 HI !
i am Archana  and i am wearing  legings and  a japanese  top right now .
I buy new clothes when i  grow out of the old ones. Usually i choose my own clothes .

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hi, my name is keren and i from israel.
todat i'm wearing blue shirt and a gray pants.

Sometimes i choose the clothes, and sometimes my mother.
When I need new clothes, I get them. 

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Today, I had  P.E. lesson. I wore  tracksuit at school. Now, wear my pyjamas. Because it is evening.

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 Hello my name is Milena.

I am wearing a striped  black and pink tank, short grey jeans and pink sandals.
I live in Argentina and here is summer.

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Hello! I am wearing green jumper and grey sweatpants. 

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I am Bora. I am from Turkey. :))

I am wearing green jumper and grey sweatpants . My mother chooses my clothes . When I need new clothes, I get them. 


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Hello. I'm wearing: a Minecraft t-shirt, grey jumper, green trousers, white and blue socks and grey, orange and black Tiger shoes .

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Hello !
I am Bora. I like your Minecraft t-shirt. I like playing Minecraft so much:)))

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I am wearing a night dress.  I choose my dress .  Once in 3 months I get  new clothes.

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I am wearing a T-shirt and a white shorts. My mom choose the clothes for me. I usually get new clothes 5 a months

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Wow what 
nice clothes

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I    like   colorful    clothes

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I'm wearing a white nightgown because it is the evening and it is hot.

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I usually random wear

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  • We should wear warm wollen clothes in Winter. And cotten clothes in Summer.
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I'm wearing a pink t-shirt, a grey short, black socks and shoes where there is the American flag.

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Today I'm wearing jeans and blouse.
Now I wear tracksuits. 
I get new clothes when I go in shopping more time in month. When I see something nice and it cool, I tell y parents about and they bought it to me 

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hello, I am Polina. I've got a big jacket.

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Hi everyone!

i am wearing a gray and purple dress today with purple tights! the dress i am wearing today , was gifted to me by my lovely mother! i chose my clothes myself because i think i am big enough to do stuff myself! i often get new clothes a week! i mostly wear pent and a shirt, because it is  easy and comfortable for me !

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 my favoirate colar is yellow

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I am wearing a red dress with black polka dots and red leggings with a red and white striped sweater

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 l am wearing  a blue clothes .She is my mother . Once a month

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Today I´m wearing a pink T-shirt with pink pants.I´m also wearing white socks and pink shoes.I´M ALL PINK TODAY!!!!!!! 

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i am wearing a sweatshirt that is blue  whit  white stripes and white shoes

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 hello good morning my name is Daniela
I'm doing an exercise and I need to have 20 clothing
1 -) shoes
2 -) pants
3 -) averages
4 -) shirt
5 -) T
6 -) inside
7 -) Scarf
8-) Jacket
9 -) dress

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LilacViolin700's picture

 i am wearing  a blue sweats whit wite stocking

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hi  i am today valentina blue sweatshirt I'm wearing white tennis shoes and white shirt I'm in school

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I'm wearing jeans with a white one direction shirt. I choose my clothes and I shop for them every month! :)

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hello my friend i wearing white t shirt . some time i like wearing white colur it good for hot weather .  my mom go with my when going to  shoping > i like clothe to much

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 Am wearing a nice skirt and a spongebob t-shirt 

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Today im wearing a white skirt and a peach shirt(Double-B dream with a quala bear face and a quala sitting in a hot air balloon)a homemade bracellete and a light rose pink hairband.

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I am wearing green socks, a brown skirt, a white shirt, and a green tie.

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I am wearing a blue top.Billabong is written on it & wearing a pink capri. also wearing a bracelrt of barbie and an hairband

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I have green t-shirt, with grafitti ( im not street-smart, im more book-smart, but ok ) and cream bottom with flowers

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İ wearing cat t-shirt!İm ayça!!

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 Hello♥my name is Aisha i am 9 years old and i am wearing pairs of black balarinas ( I am not sure how to spel  balarinas? ):P:p black legings with a very very very tiny sleaves and a purple,blue and silver big star on it and finaly but not least a hear band and a cople of bracelets.Thank you for reading this and sorry for wrong spelings.bye!!!:)

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Hi, I am Nastya!
I am wearing a white long-sleeved T-shirt,black trousers,dark blue shoes. My mum chooses me clothes. I get new clothes every month.

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 today im wearing a black frock with diamonds on the neck

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Hello ! my name is minhyen . i'm 8 yeas old . I am wearing a shirt and trousers . I am wearing a coot and socks .