Your Turn: Chores

What chores do you help with at home? Which chores do you like doing? Are there any chores that you don't like doing? Which chores are easy?


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take some vegetable

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I  like to  vacuum  the floor  and  take  the dog for a walk

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Hi, i'm from Vietnam. Nice to meet you!
At home, i usually help my mum some work as clean my house, cook rice, take care of my young brother, wash my clothe, tidy my bedroom and some other rooms. And you? What about you? Let's work hard! Goodbye, see you again in one day nearest.

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I can't write it.

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  1.  i do chores like tiding up my room,cleaning up my little sis mess and sorting out items.i also wash my plate after every meal and sometimes i even cook!
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i like to clean my room .i like to clean the bathroom.i like to sweep the floor.i like  to clean the kitchen.i like to cook with my mom.

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Folding clothes, doing dusting and arranging things in order.
I like arranging things in order.

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I folding clothes.
I like clean the room.
Mop the floor is easy.

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I usually help my mother to clean the floor and desk, but sometimes I wash the dishes.
I feel do housework is interesting.

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clean my room wash the dishes clean thedesk l don't like

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I like mop the floor and folding clothes . I like cleam my room. I dont like water plants. I don't like wash the dishes.

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< What I do to help my mom?>

  • take out the garbage
  • wash dishes
  • do the laundry
  • hang up the clothes
  • water plants
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I like mop the floor and Folding clothes and wash the dishes

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I mop floor and Close Bowls
I like close bowls
I don't like take up the trash
Close is easy

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I don't like it.

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HI  I,m Rick
I  Like help my Mon clean
Ha Ha Ha

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  •  I like to wash bowl and car.
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I like clean and wash clothes.

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I like to clean the window and wash car . :)))))

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I  always  help  my  mom  to  throw  trash  into  a  trash  can  and  water  plants  and  I  also  can  clean  my  bedroom  I  think  do  the  housework   is  very  funny. 

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i do not like do any chores

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I clean my room, and take care of my brother.

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I water the plants, and wash the dishes.

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  • I like clean 
  • I like my mom
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I can buy things!

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I always help my mom to wash the dishes and clean the bedroom , after that my bedroom will be very clean and comfortable , so I like to do the housework.

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I don't make "chores".

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I always help my mother doing the dishes
I like to  mop the floor and wish the clothes
Ido not like do the dishes but my mom always asked me to do it

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I always help my mother fold the clothes,I feel so funny.But I don't like sweeper.

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I help my dad to wash the windows.
I like clean my room.
I don't like wash the dishes.
Watering the flowers is easy.

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  1. clean my room 
  2. mop the floora
  3. clothesline
  4. clean
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I'm always help my mom wash the dishes.
I like water plants.
I don't like mop the floor.

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  • Wash dishes.
  • I like wash dishes because is very easy.
  • I don't like to wash ciothes.
  • Wash dishes!
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My Dad does the chores everyday.
He mops the floor every night.

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I always help my mom to mop the fioor and do the dishes.
I like to make dinner because is very funny.
I don't like to take out the trash.
Mop the fioor is easy.

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Hello! My name is Alina I am eleven. I from is Russian. I like help my mother I cook food go to the shopping lays the table washing up cleans his room feeds her pets waters the flowers. I like clean the floor. Chores washing up.

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 Hi! I'm Adrita from India. I'm also help my Mom in cooking food, tidying my room and cleaning the furniture. My favorite chore is sweeping floor. I love to cook food. When my father makes cake I also help him.

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I always help my mum, like: washing the dishes, tidying my room, sometimes make cakes with her, take her of my young brother...  I like when I'm cooking with her. Yes, I don't like  when I have to wash the dishes. It's easy when I have to clean my room. It isn't messy so much, so tidying my room isn't big problem for me. :)

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Since my mom has to work all day and i don't have any sister who can help me i help my mom with all chores possible. 
My favorite chore is sweeping the floor , it may seem hard but not to me . 
I really hate dusting the furniture, and easy for me as i already said is sweeping the floor  and food shopping , I enjoy doing it.

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I help my mom washing the clothes. I help my dad looking after my little brother. I don´t like to clean! I like cooking very much but I have to be very careful.

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wash the dishes after dinner
take out the garbage
clean my room
watering the flowers in my own little garden( i think it is'n a chore, but it's my obligation)
iron&hang my clothes

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Hi Amalia.I´m Amy.I also help my mum like you. Were did you live? Are you from England?

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I clean my room with my mum .

I prepare the cake with my mum .

I make my breakfast myself .

I like to do my homework .

I like to help my mum .

I take care of my turtle .

I do not like to brush floor .

I do not like to wash clothes .

I do not like to wash dishes .

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I don't like any chores because they are all make me feel tired~I'm not lazy know....

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I like cooking with my mum
I like swept the floor
I like do my math homework

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i am very lazy, i dislike helping my mum with any chores

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  •  I am 11 years old.
  • i help to my mum to:
  • clean room
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • and my beautifull house
  • i love my mum .
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  • ı always help my mum
  • ı clean my room ,
  • ı cook a dinner 
  • ı wash my plate
  • ı make a bed
  • ı dust my room and living room
  • ı clean a table
  • ı go a market
  • ı always vakumm
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I always help mom with chores... I always clean the table, I always clean my room , I always cook dinner, I always make my bed, I always water the plants, I always set the table, I always vacuum, I always dust. But I hate chores !!!