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  • Word of the week

    Do you find it easy to learn new vocabulary in English? Word of the week is a great way to learn new words. Watch our videos showing children in the UK using the new words.


  • Spooky is another word for scary.
    "I really like spooky stories."
    "Me too. Especially ones with witches and ghosties in them."

  • hug

    This is a hug. You can also call it a cuddle.
    "Do you want a hug?"
    "No way!"

  • Trainers are like shoes, that you do sports (in). I use (them) to hang around in.
    "Oh, I like those. Are they new?"
    "Yeah they are. Thanks."

  • When you press a button on a mouse you click.
    "Would you like to start this game?"
    "Yeah, just click."

  • A nickname is a name only your really good friends call you.
    "My nickname's Coco"
    "And mine's Welly-bobs!"
    "And mine's J-J."