What's Your News Competition Instructions


Watch this video to find out what NOT to do.

The child in the video is great but the filming isn't.

  • This video was taken with a mobile phone. If you use a mobile phone make sure you hold the phone in landscape and not in portrait like this one.
  • Make sure the sound quality is good enough for us to hear.
  • Make sure you keep the phone still.
  • Have enough space (any flat surface) either side of you where the What's your News? characters could stand.
  • Don't forget to smile at the end of your film and wait for about 15-30 seconds. If you win the competition the What's Your News? characters need this time at the end to talk about your video.

Even if the news is fantastic we can't use the video if the filming is not!

How to enter the video competition in 10 easy steps

  1. Be imaginative and creative. Try and think of some fun and interesting breaking news. Plan what you are going to say and practise saying it.
  2. Use a tripod if you can. If you can't, place the camera on a flat surface to make sure it doesn't move during filming.
  3. Make sure your camera settings are for a minimum video size of 640x360 (widescreen 16:9) or 640x480 (normal 4:3). You can also upload the following file formats: avi .dv .mov .qt .mpg .mpg2 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mp4 .3gp .3g2 .asf .wmv .flv. If you use a phone hold it in landscape not portrait.
  4. Don't forget to start your video by saying "Hello my name is... and my breaking news is...." Don't tell us your surname.
  5. At the end of the video you should leave a 15-30 second pause where you don't say anything. Look at the camera and smile!
  6. Don't read your news. Practise lots before you send us your video. Practise filming too!
  7. Don't move around during the filming and speak clearly. Make sure there is no background noise.
  8. Don't use any music on your video. Make sure we can't see any logos on your clothes.
  9. You must have permission from your parents to enter. Ask your parent(s) to register and upload your video.
  10. Have fun making your video!