Two witches

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Listen to the tongue twister and practise saying it. How fast can you say it?
"If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?"


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very hard XD

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I can't say it without looking at it! XD

KingCherry5000's picture

No ,I don't like it

QueenSitarLeaf's picture

love it

PrincessWandFlute's picture

my name used to be bouncingdeer9 but I changed it into princess wand flute.

VioletSmilingPlane's picture

Myself and my mom enjoyed this tongue twister

DJGreenFairy's picture

A little difficult for me

CaptainWalkingHand's picture

I can read qgain

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here are another two 1.sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick 2.pad kid poured curd pulled cod. 3.red lorry, yellow lorry(say this 4 times as fast as you can) 4.a big black bear bit a big black bug and the big black bug bled black blood 5. unique new York 6. peggy babcock 7.send toast to ten tense stout saints' ten tall tents 8.coy knows pseudo-noise codes 9.the thirty thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout thursday

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if it is easy, go on the internet and search hard ones

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so hard and confusing! but very crazy! LOL!

AgentFootSnail's picture

pronunciation which and witch is same?

LadyCrystalKitten's picture
Dear AgentFootSnail,

Good question! Yes, the pronunciation of these words is the same. 

LearnEnglish Kids team
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I like tongue twisters

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DoctorBoneToe's picture

 very funny hahaha!!!!!

MissCobraClown's picture
  • All off ya i have a togh twister for ya it is.......
  • Witches cats and big black bats 10 times fast!
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MissCobraClown's picture

Dear IntrestingWood,

Its true it is very good Tongh twisters i sayd it 10 times fast.

say the togh twister ?Witches cats and big black bats? 10 times FAST

PearlLeafDress's picture

Cool!!! Very funny!

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PrincessSaxophoneForest's picture

Dear DoctorClimate3000
I was wondering would do you mean about open the web site again. Do you know where the red button is???!!!

MissInternetEarth's picture
Hello PrincessSaxophoneForest,
If you can't see the red button, it may be because you don't have JavaScript installed on your computer, or perhaps it needs to be updated. You can ask your parents to help you with this.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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3 seconds

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that's funny :D

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O, I love this tonguetwister) It is my favourite one! 
P.S. and it isn't very hard, I did it in 3 seconds!!!

PearlLeafDress's picture

Very nice picture! Sweet...

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GoodbyeRunningGuitar's picture

I liked it

GoodbyeRunningGuitar's picture

Mmmm.I don't the red button.

DiamondGemDiamond's picture

I can  say it very fast! In 3 seconds!

PearlDiamondJupiter's picture

 One more Loading loading loading but you must not  say  dinglo  dinglo  dinglo  

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Well done RedBlueWeek! It's not easy, is it?

MissInternet Earth
LearnEnglish Kids team 

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I did it in 4 seconds!

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Phew!! I said it in 5 seconds.

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Funny! I can say that in 6 seconds!

HelpfulMermaidGirl's picture

 I don't understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Huh. i did that.:)
in 9 sec`s. :)

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love this . so funny

YellowClarinetRabbit's picture

 omg it is so hard ....

QueenAngelFairy's picture

no.its easy

SilverCobra1's picture

this is a very funny activity and very easy for children but I can't

TwinklingCaveMonster's picture

i can't do these!

FlyingXylophoneBaseball's picture

 i can twinkling cave monster

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If you want to  record yourself saying a tricky tongue twister look for the red button, it should be in the middle of the panel just below the tongue twister. Can you see it now?

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