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The super jobs


Watch Sam and Pam as they find out about different jobs. Can you spot the words with tricky spellings?


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SweetJewel7's picture

its a good story

KindGem9000's picture

 When am older i will be a children doctor,  i will have lots of money  and i will buy :

  • i will buy a big car and color is white
  • i will buy a big house my room is big bed and big pool, inside my pool is dolphin
  • i will buy a big boat and my life is great of soon
SilverDrinkingDuck's picture

i want to be a scientist!!!!

QueenHoneyMonster's picture

 I want to be a teacher of English to teach the student.It's very very fun.

MisterMetal5000's picture

i want to be really rich and have a lot of monney.

FabulousOrangeBallerina's picture

I want to be a teacher when i grow up.

Mister600's picture

When I am Older I am going to become an engineer

YellowRabbitBird's picture

 Good story.I want to be Azerbaijan language teacher.

AlwaysColourfulRuby's picture

 I want to be a doctor.

SilverDinosaurBunny's picture

i want to become a doctor