The super jobs


Watch Sam and Pam as they find out about different jobs. Can you spot the words with tricky spellings?

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It’s a special day at Tess and Ben’s school. “Today some mums and dads are going to tell you about their jobs. You have to guess what they do!” explains the teacher.

Peter’s dad starts. “I milk cows and I shear sheep. I feed corn to the chickens.”
“What does Peter’s dad do?” asks the teacher.
“I know! Farmer.”
“Well done Tess!”

Jenny’s mum stands up next. “I cut and curl hair. I colour it dark or fair. I can make your hair shorter, or even longer!”
“What does Jenny’s mum do?” asks the teacher.
“I know! Hairdresser.”
“Well done Ben!”

“It’s time for Yasmin’s dad. Can anyone guess his job?” asks the teacher.
“I take your order and bring your meal to the table.” says Yasmin’s dad.
“I know! Waiter.”
“That’s right!”

“Now it’s time for Ben’s mum. What does she do?” asks the teacher.
“You sit in my chair. I check your teeth and give them a clean.”
“I know! Dentist.”

“What about Mark’s mum? What’s her job?” asks the teacher.
“I make music with my voice. I sing in a church and also in a pop band!”
“A singer!”
“Well done!”

“So children,” says the teacher, “what will you be when you are older?”
“I’m going to be a spy,” says Ben “and I’m going to have secret spy gadgets.”
“I’m going to be a special spy from outer space,” says Tess.

“A space spy?” says the teacher. “I’m afraid that job doesn’t exist!”
“Come on Sam,” whispers Pam. “Let’s go back to the spaceship.”

Sam and Pam go back to their spaceship and plug the spypad into the super spy spelling book. There are lots and lots of different letters on the screen.

“You look angry Pam. What’s the matter?” Sam asks.
“The teacher said that space spies don’t exist!”
“Well, we know that they exist and I think it’s the best job in the universe!” Sam and Pam laugh until their space spy antennae were all tired out.
“Goodbye super spellers!”
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its a good story

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 When am older i will be a children doctor,  i will have lots of money  and i will buy :

  • i will buy a big car and color is white
  • i will buy a big house my room is big bed and big pool, inside my pool is dolphin
  • i will buy a big boat and my life is great of soon
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i want to be a scientist!!!!

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 I want to be a teacher of English to teach the student.It's very very fun.

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i want to be really rich and have a lot of monney.

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I want to be a teacher when i grow up.

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When I am Older I am going to become an engineer

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 Good story.I want to be Azerbaijan language teacher.

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 I want to be a doctor.

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i want to become a doctor