The magic show


Sam and Pam learn how to spell with magic 'e' at an amazing magic show. Can you spell with magic 'e'?

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It’s a special day. Mum, Dad, Ben and Tess are at a magic show. Sam and Pam hide behind some seats. Suddenly a magician appears.

The magician has a pet snake called Jake.
“Hisss. Hello, I’m Jake.”
“I will put Jake’s cap into my hat.” The magician waves her wand and says the magic words, “Abracadabra, Abracadabreee!” The cap is now a cape!
“Hey, my cap!” says Jake.

A boy goes onto the stage. “What’s your name?”
“I will now change my pet into Pete!” The magician waves her wand and says the magic words, “Abracadabra, Abracadabreee!”
“Wow! Her pet is now Pete!”

The magician does a card trick. “Choose a card,” she says to Ben and Tess. “The cards are five and nine!”

Then the magician makes a red rose come out of her nose!

A huge cube appears. The magician goes into the cube and she plays a magic tune on a magic flute.

“I will make the cube disappear,” says the magician. Puff! The cube disappears!

“That was abracadabreee magic!” 
“Let’s go back to the spaceship,” says Sam. They load the new spelling rule onto the super spy spelling book. 
“We have lots of new words!”

“Oh I understand the spelling rule!” says Sam. “It’s magic! The ‘e’ at the end makes the ‘a’ go ‘a’ and the ‘e’ go ‘e’!”
“Yes!” says Pam. “And the ‘i’ changes to ‘i’, the ‘o’ changes to ‘o’ and the ‘u’ changes to ‘u’ when you add the magic ‘e’.”
Sam and Pam smile. It was fun to spell with magic ‘e’!
“Goodbye super spellers!”
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very nice

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fabulous !!

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it is so difficult but i won't give up............... maybe tomorrow i will play this game again.........

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This video is very funny.. :D ...

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the game is so not nice

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This is the most supidest game ive ever played

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Hi WowDesertRock, 

Sorry you don't like this game but we have hundreds of games on LearnEnglish Kids. Have a look in the Games section and see if there is anything else that you like.

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