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The great egg hunt


Watch Sam and Pam, Ben and Tess at the great egg hunt adventure. How many times can you hear the sounds g, o, c, k, e, u and r?


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PrincessAmethystXylophone's picture

I love the story!It is GREAT!!!!!!

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This is a good story! I'm happy:) and sad:(.

IncredibleCrystal6's picture

It's funny:)

MissBird700's picture

it is a good story, i like it.

CaptainDoctorBridge's picture

This story is great, I love it, recommend it to everyone
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

PrincessDJTwilight's picture

 laughed a lot when Sam and Pam took the red and the pink eggs :)

WonderfulPlastic10's picture

Once again i saw a great and wonderful story of Ben and Tess. They both try to find out the golden egg. both tried to find the golden egg in different places but finally they used spyscope. They laugh and i laugh giggling 

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helloooo!!!!!how are you guys

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