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Jack's sack


What is in Jack's sack? Sing the song and learn lots of new words in English. 



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is very nice thanh you very much !!!!!!!

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very good song what in the inside on sack

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very good song.
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so cooolllllllllll ilove it so mutch it is so nice

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I love it. nice song. I have a little problem I always change my picture but It's never been changed  why ? could you help me ?

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Hi FabulousOrangeB,
It sometimes takes several days before you can see the changes to your picture.
Please wait for one week and if you still can't see the changes, write to us again.
I hope that helps.

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 I love it. It's amazing

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 good work

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this is a very nice New Year's Eve friends' good bye bye ......

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i love it