We're going to the zoo


"We're going to the zoo to see a kangaroo...and a lion too!" Listen to a song about what you can see at the zoo.




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Words to song

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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PinkPuma's picture

 I went many times to the zoo, and I saw a lot of animals! I saw lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys and another animals. The last time, I went with my uncle and my aunt, it was amazing! I got there by car and my favorite animal is the lion!

CaptainGuitarSalt's picture

 Perfect song!!!

VioletGuavaTrumpet's picture

ı love this song guys

RareGem30's picture

is funny

FunkyGem99's picture

 ı love ramadan song.this is my second favourite song .....lion  too..:)

LadyPurpleWater's picture

 No kangaroo? No lion? Hmm?

LadyPurpleWater's picture

 Hahahahaha I can't stop laughing!

DJMummyFly's picture

this is so funny

HiGirlMonth's picture

Gr8 song

ProfessorStorm300's picture

 I love the rythym of the song! But they weren't able to see a kangaroo or a lion. I like the tiger and lion.