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Turkey Trouble


Listen to a song about a naughty turkey called Trouble.

Song and animation by Cambridge English Online

Did you like the song? Do you have a pet? Does it ever do naughty things? 


WhitePony999's picture

it is very absurd

PrincessGuitarAngel's picture

I love love this song. it's pretty funy :)

ProudPaper1000's picture

Why turkey can fly?

HorribleCactus1000's picture

  •  so funny song
FabulousQuartz800's picture

it's good...

LadySlideQuail's picture

cool turkey!

DJPotatoPop's picture

not turkey, not rudolph, but turkdolph!!

PinkJellyfish1's picture

 My favorite song!!!

RedSunSea's picture

i rather let a pig be on my sleigh

LilacMaracasWow's picture

 very very good