Time for another year


January, February, March...Practise the months of the year with this song.




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Words to song

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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LadyRedGirl's picture

My favorite month is September because my birthday is in September.
The song is cool. I like it.

AgentGigabyteRocket's picture


like this song my favorite month is July


LadyHelloWow's picture

This song like party song!

RedSmileyDJ's picture

 hello. my favourite time of the year is summer but  I also like winter.

KindGem9000's picture

my favorite month is november beceuse my birthday and my mom birthday is december dis year is 2014 if i birthday in my school and my birthday is in november if my school monday we have school sinema movie
and my grade is 4 / A

PinkPuma's picture

 My favorite month is february, because it is the month of my birthday! But I love december too, because we have the Christmas and the New Year's party! In these months is summer!

PinkShoesPuppy's picture

i like this song

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GoldBlackbirdGuitar's picture

I like song.

AgentColourfulEarth's picture

I sing this song and know the months. My favourite month is July because my birthday is in July. I like summer.