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The wheels on the bus



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Can I ask the bus to stop near my home?
Does it go on Sunday?


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I really like this song

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I know this song

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 I like to travel by bus when it isn't full... My favorite way to travel is by plane! :D The last time I went on a bus was sunday, to go to church!

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I like this song...Swish swish swish,wa wa wa,beep beep beep... :))))

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What's different between wheel and tire?

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Hi PearlTailRing,
That's a good question! The wheel is the circular metal part and the tyre is the thick, black rubber ring that fits around the outside of the wheel.
I hope that helps!

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team
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 I like this song.It's not boring!

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 very good

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