Listen to a traditional children's action song, The hokey cokey. Can you join in?

Animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you like this song? Do you know any other action songs?

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hw 2 dwnload dis on 2 my lap.....

Dear Hi Raindrop Mobile

You can download some of our songs but not all of them because of copyright reasons.

I hope you enjoy the website.

Princess Pixie Pea

LearnEnglish Kids team

haha their dance is so funny!! nice song

  1. good song
  2. veri nice game
  3. cool
  4. good dance

 when i had 4 years i sing this song but i think is sounds hokey Pokey!!!but never minde,i love it


i learned this song wen i was little... now i cant stand singing it... but at school i haft too O_O...!!!!

 You made six error:
1. when not wen
2. can't not cant
3. have not haft
4. I (capital) not i
5. now I can't stand have to sing it not now i cant stand singing it
6. to not too

I like this. It is very funy. 

It is very funny!