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The ballad of Lisa the lemur


Lemurs live in the forests of Madagascar but thier homes are in danger as the forests disappear. Listen to a song about Lisa the Lemur.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online


PrincessDaisyLeaf's picture

I sorry for lisa.

DukeBlue900's picture

Poor Lisa.
Why we destroy the nature?
Nature are helping us!
Nature give us oxygen;
Nature give us food and water;
but they need place to live!

GreyRuby70's picture

this story is said and said beacuse people come and broke his house

PinkCoralSnake's picture

the song is a little sad because animals need a house to live, and they can die.

PinkPuma's picture

This song is a little sad :(
We are destroying the nature!

PurpleRosePlanet's picture

 Nice song but is not cool!

LordFlyingHorse's picture

monkey  squirrel// birds/ and alot of animals lives in the rainforest

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  •  I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!
MisterDinosaurT-Rex's picture

why did make this song

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jejejeje I love this song!!! I sing this song all day!!! I love this!!