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Santa, Santa, high in the sky


In the United Kingdom children write letters to Santa, or Father Christmas. On Christmas Eve (December 24th), Santa travels with his sleigh and reindeer and takes presents to the children while they are asleep. Listen to a song about Santa.

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Xu Gue


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I Like this Song.

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Merry Christmas! I like Santa! He gave me a boardgame.

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Have you ever seen Santa?

No, I have never not seen Santa

Where was it?

How did you feel?

very good

Did Santa give you a present?

What was it?


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I like this song

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Not bad. 

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I did not see Santa . ^v^

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I like this song

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I Love Love this song

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I love sante!!

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i love it ilove it this is so intresting and this is so good in nursry songs.