Ramadan chant


Ramadan is a very important time of year in the Islamic calendar, a time of year when people remember the poor. Listen to this song about Ramadan, and find out about some of the things children do at this special time of year.




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Words to song

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it is very good good 

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the Ramadan is my favorite month in the year, muslims like this month of 30 days
Ramadan have 30 days

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 my  name  is  xadica. I  love  this  song

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 I love Ramadan and this song is AWESOME! i am going to fast the whole of Ramadan!! :)

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ı love the videoooo :D

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nice :D

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went i here the words in this song it was to boring 

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Hi QueenPopPopstar!

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Hi DoctorCreamGlove,
I am sorry but i cannot reply quickly to your messages because i have school, so i will reply to your messages early or too soon(too late). I have a lot of home work i must complete. But i will chat with you! I hope you  understand =))