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People work


How would you like to do when you grow up? Here's a song about different jobs.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online


PrinceStylishFootball's picture

it is so good.

BubblyQuartz600's picture

i love this song

KingTablaMusic's picture

it is cool song and fun

DoctorFloatingCanoeing's picture

I will be an engineer when i grow up because I can build lots of houses and roads and bridges

CaptainWalkingHand's picture

I like this song

PrincessFlutePearl's picture

I cannot decided what job should do while I grow up,maybe I can be a magican,or teacher?I annot decided!

KingT-RexRobin's picture

It is a cool song !!!!!!!!!

PrincessCookie200's picture

It is Cool song! I will learn it.

SweetEmerald6's picture

i can't sing this song because it is fast.
But it is funny.
When I grow up I will be a dancer (:

QueenDrumAlbatross's picture