Practise toy words with this song about about boy who loves his teddy. 

Song developed by Cambridge English Online


Do you have a teddy bear? Do you love it as much as this boy loves his? 

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excuse me can u dounloud this song?

Hi MissGlassPetal,

I'm happy to read that you like this song. 

You can download the audio version. In the 'documents' box under the video you can see 'Download audio 1.66MB (right click and save)'.

Have fun practising your English!


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LearnEnglish Kids team


thank you very much

This is my favorite song in this whole site lol.


i have a teddy but his eye has been pulled by myself when i was little and now my teddy has 1 eye.. :(

 I have many toys,but my favourite toy is my doll.She is very cute and pretty. Her name is Pinky .I always take her with me. I love her very much.

 I have a lot of toys and some are my very favourite.

 Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 *Yes, I have a favorite teddy. His name is Lion Leo.
 * when I was litle, my favorite toy was cars. 
 *My favorite toy now is the PS3. I like it so much because I can play with my friends and my family.

I love this song ♥♥♥♥♥