Old MacDonald had a farm


What animals has Old MacDonald got on his farm? What noise do they make? Listen to the song Old MacDonald had a farm and find out.




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Words to song

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SleepyPaper7000's picture

the song is so so

IncredibleCrystal6's picture

Have you ever visited a farm?Yes.One time.
What animals did you see?cow.bird-chicken
What's your favourite farm animal?I like chicken

TurquoiseBirdBubble's picture

I had an ukrainian friend, and her gradparents had a big farm.

PinkPuma's picture

 My grandparents lived in a farm, but I only visited them when I was a baby, so I don't remember very well :(
But I know that they had cows, horses, pigs, chickens and another animals... My favorite farm animal is the horse!

FuzzyJade8's picture

It,s great about a lovely farm

WowCobraSwan's picture

 : D

CaptainLuteBirthday's picture

When, I was in KG-2 My teacher teach me this song
So, I select this song

GoldBlackbirdGuitar's picture

It is perfect song.

DJToeKiwi's picture

 very-very cool and funny song

ProfessorPurpleStar's picture

 This song is  really  a  nice song