My computer mouse


Do you like using computers? This boy has a song about all the things his computer mouse can do.




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Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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KingAlligatorBird's picture

great song 

OrangeMetalJurassic's picture

I love this song.

BronzeMusicSkates's picture

Its very stupid!!!

LadyVioletTune's picture

I can't understand the most of this song. I see it boring!

KingOwlCricket's picture

a cool song

HiBirdBuddy's picture

I think it CRAZZY

ProfessorMonkeyLion's picture

nice song

CrazyDrumPiano's picture

what a stupid song!

PrincessMusicWalrus's picture

 I like this song

PrettyJadeDrum's picture

 great song i love it