Monster bop


He's a hairy, scary monster and he's doing a monster bop!

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes
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SkiingBaseballBull's picture

Terrible, poor song.

FreezingGoatParrot's picture

Very beautiful song

King4000's picture

thí game is good. I like it somuch

AgentGirlWitch's picture

Good song

PrinceWhite4's picture

i want him to eat girls his name is max and he lives on a star. he travels in a space ship and a little green car. he,s got eleven noses his hands and feet are purple while his fingers are red. he likes to drink coca cola and eat boys he,s a monster monster hairy scary monster doing the hairy scary monster bob 

PrincessTrumpetRat's picture

and nice

PrincessTrumpetRat's picture

 Hi i am Ajlina in Macedonija .       This song is my favorite song because it is very funny!

DoctorT-RexTrampoline's picture

I liked it

LadyDJForever's picture

it is not good I think

PrincessCream300's picture

 <i> It's cool music! I love i't song! </i>