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Monster bop


Listen to a song about about a dancing monster.

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes

Invent a monster and tell us about it. What is its name? Where does it live? What does it eat? What does it like? 


SkiingBaseballBull's picture

Terrible, poor song.

FreezingGoatParrot's picture

Very beautiful song

King4000's picture

thí game is good. I like it somuch

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Good song

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i want him to eat girls his name is max and he lives on a star. he travels in a space ship and a little green car. he,s got eleven noses his hands and feet are purple while his fingers are red. he likes to drink coca cola and eat boys he,s a monster monster hairy scary monster doing the hairy scary monster bob 

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and nice

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 Hi i am Ajlina in Macedonija .       This song is my favorite song because it is very funny!

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I liked it

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it is not good I think

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 <i> It's cool music! I love i't song! </i>