If you're happy and you know it



What do you do when you're happy? Listen to this children's action song. Sing along and do the actions too!

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Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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DJSunflowerOwl's picture

I now this song

EatingHappyBus's picture

 it is nice and lovely

PrincessScienceJavelin's picture

sound good

RedGoldfishTornado's picture

 ha ha ha it was so funny ! i enjoyed it very much it was so cool !     i was so happy and i claped my hands ,,i staped my feet and i said   HURREY!      BYE FROM $ara......      :D

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If your happy and you know it  do english kids~

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Hi DoctorWoodenTabla,

Here at the LearnEnglish Kids team we completely agree with you!

LearnEnglish Kids team
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i know so long time....

WalkingSunshineOrangutan's picture

 i really joined this song because it is*********************************really 18star

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I learn this song in the school


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my brother nihad love this song