I can run


Can you run? Can you swim? Can you hop? Listen to a song, and print an activity about the things you can and can't do.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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PrincessLoudSeagull's picture

 My sister likes this song and me too
is very funny

PinkDJ6's picture

I like running,I like swimming and skipping.

PinkDJ6's picture

I like this song.

IndigoFolk900's picture

I great!!! i swim run hop skipping :-D

BlueTailPark's picture

 I like the song

NoisyBlueWater's picture

l can run

PurpleBeachZoo's picture

I like this song. 

MasterPixelDinosaur's picture

Its annoying!

QueenCastleTrain's picture

i am the fastest one in my class

BrightGlass7's picture
  1. I like this song because i like runing,swimming and skipping.