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Grand Old Duke


Listen to a traditional song about a duke, his soldiers and a dragon!

Song and lyrics by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


LilacGirlPluto's picture

this song is funny

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CooL GrAnd oLd DuKe oF YorK soNg

TurquoiseBirdBubble's picture

LiKe iT

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It's a little hard to say 'They tiptoed up to the top of the hill' very fast hahaha :s

MisterPianoTriceratops's picture

 10.000 men so 10.000 bed wowww :D

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I like the song very much!

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10000 men! Wow

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If i was a captian of an army i would
let them fight whatever or whoever blocks their way!!

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 It's really funny