Listen to a song about getting dressed. 

Song developed by Cambridge English Online

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Do you like the song? What are your favourite clothes?

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the best part is that the boy put on the pants on his head

İt's very funny but man is feather-brain .

I fancy this song very much!

i don't no what the song says

From my iPad, I can not use Flash,why? "Flash was unable to load"

Hello YoungSundayLute,
You can't usually use Flash on an iPad. 
Most of our stories are also available in a video version, so you don't need Flash to watch them. Click the 'video' tab instead of the 'Flash' tab.
I hope that helps.

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LearnEnglish Kids team

What is Velcro fasteners mean ?

Hi ProudPaper1000,
Velcro is a special type of fastener made of two strips of different material which stick together. Some shoes, jackets and other clothes have velcro fasteners.
I hope that helps!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

Thanks MissInternetEarth!