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Why Anansi has thin legs!


Anansi is always hungry. One day he was a bit too greedy. Watch the story and find out what happened.

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online

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Anansi is a very special spider. Tell us about what you think about spiders!

  • Do you like spiders or do you think they’re scary?
  • Are there lots of spiders where you live?
  • When was the last time you saw a spider?
  • Do you know any more stories or songs about spiders? What are they called?


PlatinumWizardBrain's picture

MMM...I don't have a good past with spiders, but i like them. I also got a spider pet

MasterTutankhamunToad's picture


PrincessLovelyPrimrose's picture

Hi! I'm Veronica and I'm ten years old. I'm in Yr 5.
By the way, I learnt about Anansi because we were learning about Africa. Anansi is a popular African story!
I don't make a fuss about spiders. They're here for a reason! They eat flies and other unneeded insects so I'm quite happy to have spiders around. I don't kill spiders. When I see them, I take them outside.
There isn't LOADS of spiders where I live, but there is a few. They're mostly here when it's spring or autumn.
I don't remember when I last saw a spider... It must of been a while ago.

PrincessActressComputer's picture

i don`t like spiders

MasterTutankhamunToad's picture

WHY DON't you like spiders?

RedRabbitWeasel's picture

Anansi is very cheeky spider hahahahha thats why his legs got thin because he wanted to eat all the animals food and thats bad is it .............but i like the story ..........

WowGoodbyeFriday's picture

this story very intersting.....

QueenFolkForever's picture

Anansi was a strange spider whit those short legs
I think she is better now :)

ModernSapphire80's picture

 nice story !!! it was funny

HelloMagicFashion's picture

stupid spider he should stay at 1 place