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Why Anansi has thin legs!


Anansi is clever and cunning, and always hungry. One day he was a bit too greedy, find out what happened in this story.

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online

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Anansi is a very special spider. Tell us about what you think about spiders!

  • Do you like spiders or do you think they’re scary?
  • Are there lots of spiders where you live?
  • When was the last time you saw a spider?
  • Do you know any more stories or songs about spiders? What are they called?


KingSoccerClarinet's picture

 A Story Very Funny
Has A Great Teaching 

I Loved

PrincessCauldronDaisy's picture

Anansi is very greedy

JumpingCoolJupiter's picture

anansi  very   hungry  and  very  greedy. Not bad.

BlueAngelAmulet's picture

i liked it

LadyPigeonPiglet's picture

I like this story: it's so fun! 

PearlSquidTrousers's picture

Hello my friends! I'm the stupid spider and what would you do in my place ? uuh?

BlackSitar8000's picture


CutePopForest's picture

Anansi is stupid spider .That's a lesson for him

BlackPopSkates's picture

Funny story!!

JumpingTownSpring's picture

Anansi is so silly! There was a very big lesson to him..