Kim and Ken are twins who live at the zoo! What do you think they do during the day?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


What types of things do you do on different days of the week?

What do you usually do at weekends?

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awsome weekends!

 This strory is bad!!

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It is a funny story . I like it . I like Fridays because weekends come after .

 playing football with a parrot that is going to be some chatty football.

I think it was nice and funny.

not bad,very good

There were a lot of animals there.

My favorite part about the story is the twins hanging out there friends.My favorite character is Kim because we have a the same hair and the same hair color.I think my brother's favorite character is ken because Ken is the oldest like him.

I really like the story.In real life me and my brother are twins.My brother is older than me because he was born in April 7 1999 and I was born in  June 10 2000.We both the same voice.