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Twins' week


Kim and Ken are twins. Their father is a zookeeper and they all live at the zoo. Kim and Ken spend a lot of time with animals. What do you think they do during the day?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online

What types of things do you do on different days of the week?

What do you usually do at weekends?


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story is very good

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good ssstttooorrryyy

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i love the zoo
i 've gone there 6 times ;]

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 it is a short story

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Everyday Im going to school
Also Im going to gymnastic
on monday ,tuesday thirday ,friday and saturday.
I like to make a picture with Czech beads

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 My father's Friend is a zookeeper.Every month we in there zoo.

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this story is very nice but I don't want to eat food with animals!!!!!!!!

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very nnniiiicccceee