Twins' week


Kim and Ken are twins. Their father is a zookeeper and they all live at the zoo. Kim and Ken spend a lot of time with animals. What do you think they do during the day?


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    RedClarinetForest's picture

    i love the zoo
    i 've gone there 6 times ;]

    WhiteGlassGrass's picture

     it is a short story

    RedClarinetForest's picture


    RedRobin7's picture

    Everyday Im going to school
    Also Im going to gymnastic
    on monday ,tuesday thirday ,friday and saturday.
    I like to make a picture with Czech beads

    PrincessPlatinum4's picture

     My father's Friend is a zookeeper.Every month we in there zoo.

    CyclingTelevisionRadar's picture

    this story is very nice but I don't want to eat food with animals!!!!!!!!

    RedRapRap's picture

    very nnniiiicccceee

    BrightDiamond99's picture

    A good story!!!!!!!!!

    ClimbingDentistLibrary's picture

    It's really nice story.
    thank u 

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    i like it