Sarah and Sanjay have found a bottle and there's a treasure map inside it. Will they find the treasure?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Hide some treasure (or a special toy) in your house. Write instructions to give to someone in your family to find the treasure. Can they find it?

Then, write to us and tell us about your secret treasure game! 

  • What was the treasure?
  • What instructions did you write?
  • Who looked for the treasure? Did they find it? 
  • Where was the treasure hidden?



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very good.

 It is nise!


 not bad

 It is very nice

i like these story,its very nice 

i like this story because itis interesting

The treasure it's was a letter of a pirate. 

The parrot it's very funny.... ja ja ja

 The story is very nice. I like it!