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The snowman


It's winter and everywhere is covered in snow. Katie and Eddie make a snowman. What's going on? Is the snowman waving at them?

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online

Does it ever snow where you live?

  • If so, what do you like doing in the snow?
  • If not, would you like to see snow one day? What would you like to do?


QueenPlayerDove's picture

in my city there aren't any snow all of the year :( i want to play in the snow

PrinceStylishFootball's picture

i want snowing tow!

PurpleMoonlightMusic's picture

No. because i live in malaysia but if i can make a snow i want to make it at malaysia..

RedZebra8's picture

I love is history

KindGem9000's picture

HI i'm Kind Gem 9000,
I like the story. in 26 January is my winter holiday and i like in turkey winter holiday

PrincessLilacTulip's picture

 I like this story. Today is snowing.I like to go and make a snowman.I put on him hat, scarf,coat,boots.

DukeLeopard1000's picture

Yes, I live in Aberdeen and we get snow in winter. When the snow is falling, it feels like shiny silver crystal snowflakes are flying in the sky. I like to make a snowman and an angel. I wish my snowman and my angel to be alive and talk to me.

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PinkForestMummy's picture

 the snowman was very cute .

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