Billy and Tom are pretending to be wizards and they are making a magic spell. Will it work?

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Billy and Tom put some horrible ingredients in the pot to make their magic potion. They put toenail clippings, a smelly sock, dead flies and spiders webs. What other ingredients could you use to make a magic potion? Send us your ideas.

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First he had a head of an elephant . Next day , his face turn in normal , but he had an elephant tail. POOR he.

The story is very funny!!!!!!!!!


 good and interesting

very silly story......!

haha.... he has a tail and doesn't even know it.. poor guy

very magical

nice story poor boy or an elephant boy

when the mom said "dont be silly" i
just skipped what and excuse and
went back and repeated again and 

 The magic is funny. The boy has a pig tail and he doesn't know!oh, poor boy!