It's time for a holiday! Everyone has a different idea of where to go. Watch and find out what they decide!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Imagine that some friends are coming on holiday to your town or city for the first time. Write a message to tell them what they can do when they come to visit.

  • What's the name of your town or city?
  • Is it big or small?
  • What's the weather like at the moment?
  • Are there any famous landmarks?
  • Are there any fun places to visit, like museums or parks?
  • What food is popular in your town or city?

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i like this story

what happened with my comment

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i can't see the words

Dear PrincessHabourCastle,

Are you having a problem seeing the words on the story? Make sure your cursor is not over the picture of the video. If you move the cursor away you will be able to see the words.

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This is a very happy story.

I like it!!!

My city is Sarajevo, from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I LOVE my city is dubai

oh me too
i live in dubai