The lantern (a Ramadan story)


A young prince runs away from home and is imprisoned by a lonely ghoul. Who will save him? Ramadan is an Islamic festival, a time of year when people remember the poor. Read the Lantern, a story about the special festive lanterns that light up the nights during Ramadan.



    Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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    PrincessRockBubblegum's picture

     It is a good story...... we also celebrate RAMADAN in Sri Lanka.

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    what's this

    QueenGrapefruitJasmine's picture

     i like the story

    SweetPearl300's picture

    Very interesting story.. I like)

    DoctorNightingalePixie's picture

    very bright story, loved it

    YellowScientist6000's picture

    Imaginary story ofcourse, but good enough!! 6/10

    WhiteMarketToad's picture

    Awesome!! I like this story because it is about lanterns.

    CuteTune9's picture

    is very goooood

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     so touching i cried