The haunted house


Bob the dog has run off into a big, old, scary house. Can the children find Bob?

    Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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    AlwaysButtercupBird's picture

    i shouted when the snake came

    RedClarinetForest's picture

    i thought its a poem

    DJGhost9000's picture

    Hey kids! Its not Bob! ITS A WOLF!!!

    ProfessorGuitarGymnast's picture

    this game is cool

    BlackFireflyTeam's picture

     I wish to go in that house with my friends. 

    PrincessLlamaTwilight's picture

    hi all charm me this story ,a little scary , but i had not gotten into that house . And poor little dog

    VioletParrot99's picture


    CreamSunday's picture

    It was scary

    ProfessorRainbowRap's picture

     I can relate most of the game haunted house ....... click on everything in the game and the correct 1 last!!!!!!!!!!!

    RedRapRap's picture

    I was scared :(