The greedy hippo eats everything and the other animals are angry. Can they stop him eating all their food?

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The animals make a horrible pie for the hippo with fish and soap! Can you make some horrible food for the greedy hippo?

  • What's the name of your horrible dish?
  • What are the ingredients?
  • How do you make it?
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Good story!!

i like this storie

I like this story!!!

Great story

What is the most horrible dish?
strawberry and spinach milk shake.
What are the ingredients?
strawberry and spinach,milk and a lime.
How do you make it?
  first put the strawberry and then chop up some spinach and put them in the grinder.then pour some milk and lime juice in it.

 he is very  rude!

 fun games.

Whats the name of your horrible dish?
The worlds rotten blueberry pie!
What are the ingredients?
rotten blueberries and all the ingredients
for pie
How do you make it?
just add the rotten blueberries and make a pie
the greedy hippo would feel MORE odd inside!


hippo is very fat