The animal shelter


There are lots of animals at the animal shelter. The Good family wants to adopt an animal to take home and look after. Which animal will they adopt?

    Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online
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    TurquoiseBirdBubble's picture

    Cool, LOL, XD

    AgentGigabyteRocket's picture

    I have a yellow canary bird and many fish. I want have a dog or cat.

    KindGem9000's picture

    i want a dolphin, cheetah and a dog too. my dad says " if we go to philippines he will buy a baby dog to grow up " and wean i grow up my job i will have so many money i will buy two house , two car and baby dolphin and baby cheetah you know why i buy two house 1 for my dad and my house and 1 car is mine the another car for my dad and my mom like big two cars

    PrincessHarpSwan's picture

    I always wanted a pet cat. But my father says that the fleas of cats are dangerous.i have just 3 pets- A dog, a blue bird and last of all a green bird.before i had 5 pets but my squirrel died and my other dog just ran away.

    but i love this story.... I mean its totally the most amazing pet story i have ever seen!!!!!>>...._)

    KingJungleFlamingo's picture

    i like snake

    TopazMermaidWater's picture

     i'm not aloud pets. i wan't a dog though...

    QueenWizardHello's picture

    The cat is cute!

    GoldVillageHand's picture

    Animal Shelter is my favourite story. I like it very much.

    QueenDrumSaxophone's picture

    I love pets

    KingAlligatorBird's picture

    i love pets