Teddy’s adventure


Why is Teddy in the bin? Read Teddy's Adventure and find out what happens to Teddy one day.




Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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BrownSugarCherry's picture

like veyr much

PrincessHatCauldron's picture

 A  Happy New Year  to everybody!!!

KingWalkingBird's picture

The story was very nice he went to so many places.But some places were a bit bad for teddy.

PrincessFoggyClimate's picture

it was  a  nice  story. poor  teddy!

DoctorNightingalePixie's picture

my favorite cuddly toy is a dolphin and i named it doll matching to the name dolphin. i sleep with it every night and i like it because it is pink in colour and so soft and cute and adorable 

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very good

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really very nice

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So nice!!! 

BumpyDiamond3's picture

Good very good i like adventure's <3
and i like English <3

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This strory is very good . I like it