Teddy’s adventure


Why is Teddy in the bin? Read Teddy's Adventure and find out what happens to Teddy one day.

    Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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    DivingCastleKitty's picture

    is it a teddy bear. this colour is brown. this name is teddy. i sleep on the floor. because the teddy is so cute

    AmuletUnicornNecklace's picture

    this story is nice.I've got a teddy bear.He is brown and his name is Sweetie.It is my favourite toy because i received it from my grandparents.

    PurpleMoonlightMusic's picture

    I have a teddy bear..he is white..his name is Kipper..i sleeping with him..it was my favorite because it was my first teddy bear :)

    AmuletUnicornNecklace's picture

          Nice story! Do you want to be friends?

    GoldPurpleBirthday's picture

    i love my teddy!

    LadyLeopardNightingale's picture

    I have a Taddy bear
    He is white
    His name is Umka 
    I m not sleeping with hin
    I got it in 6 year and i love it

    TurquoiseVioletSitar's picture

    Very comic

    PrincessSandRhythm's picture

    I like this story.

    BlueBlue60's picture

    it is good

    OrangeMango99's picture

    I like it!