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Teddy’s adventure


Why is Teddy in the bin? Read Teddy's Adventure and find out what happens to Teddy one day.

Story developed by Cambridge English Online

Tell us about your favourite cuddly toy.

  • Is it a teddy bear or something different?
  • What colour is it?
  • What's its name?
  • Do you sleep with it?
  • Why is it your favourite cuddly toy?


PrincessPonyHarp's picture

Its a sheep Its color is white Its name is Sheepy I always sleep with it Because my friends give it to me when i was a little girl

KingDragonBamboo's picture

That is a really lucky bear!!!

DivingCastleKitty's picture

is it a teddy bear. this colour is brown. this name is teddy. i sleep on the floor. because the teddy is so cute

AmuletUnicornNecklace's picture

this story is nice.I've got a teddy bear.He is brown and his name is Sweetie.It is my favourite toy because i received it from my grandparents.

PurpleMoonlightMusic's picture

I have a teddy bear..he is white..his name is Kipper..i sleeping with him..it was my favorite because it was my first teddy bear :)

AmuletUnicornNecklace's picture

      Nice story! Do you want to be friends?

GoldPurpleBirthday's picture

i love my teddy!

LadyLeopardNightingale's picture

I have a Taddy bear
He is white
His name is Umka 
I m not sleeping with hin
I got it in 6 year and i love it

TurquoiseVioletSitar's picture

Very comic

PrincessSandRhythm's picture

I like this story.