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The evil villain Ratty wants to take over the world. Join Spycat as he travels round the world looking for Ratty. Can you help Spycat solve the clues?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online

In this story Spycat has to read coded messages to find Ratty. In the first two messages the letters in the words are jumbled up. For example, OG OT GYEPT = GO TO EGYPT

Can you write a jumbled word message? Think of a message and then jumble the words. Don't give us the answers! Write your message below and let's see if other children around the world can solve your message!


YellowFluteCat's picture

l like Spy Cat's stories.

RedZebra8's picture

is very funny

PinkArtistYesterday's picture

it`s fun and nice story.

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i like this story too

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it is very intersting i love it

SkippingDungeonT-Rex's picture

i love it

TurquoiseBirdBubble's picture

Interesting, very interesting. Being a spy includes lots of dangers in the pack. For example, spies aren't always good people, and sometimes it's very dangeorus to complete the misions. I don't wanna be a party pooper, but if you want to be a spy, it won't be as easy as it seems...

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I love spy especially movie "Spy Kids"

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I have to say spy cat is my favourite carachter !

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