A naughty young giant is moving some of the world's famous landmarks! Where will he put them? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


There are four famous landmarks in this story. Are there any famous landmarks in your country? Tell us about them!

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Here in Malaysia,the famous landmark is the Petronas Twin Tower.

so nice!!!very cool!!!!!

I cannot get any thing to work on this website, please help.

Hi Gold Platinum Monday,
The website is working fine today so please ask an adult to have a look and check your computer for you. Good luck! 
Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

let's help him

I liked this story but not very much. 

  •  i realy learned a lot and it was very injoyable

The Story was Nice, And the other one Too !

What a nice and funny story!!! I t was soo funny when the Pyramids were in Paris and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in London. But I'm glad that Kevin put them back in the proper place now!

I like this story. Thanx